Thursday, October 31, 2013

Luscious Red Template

Here is one more template hugs, Rainy

Below is what I did with it..I really like using masks, hugs Rainy

Download below

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lavendar Blue Template

This template is sort of a cross between quick pages and templates. It's a bit on the simple side, but have to get back to creating them so I can get better.. I added a four corner frame, for the photo, you can use a mask for the image, and it will look good I think.. or simply draw a rectangle selection where you want the photo to go and copy photo, then paste into selection.  Hugs Rainy

There is a pspimage and a psd in the file

Here is what I did with it :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roses and Love 1200px Template, Always free

Worked on this one for a long long time.. I just couldn't get it right... my sample layout that is.. very frustrating.  but loved the way it turned out, both the template and what I did with it. If you would like to copy your image and have it turn out the way mine did... it's really simple..
1.  click on the top frame, merge down, merge down again, . now you have the 3 "frames" on one layer, magic wand, select all three, copy your image, and paste into selection, remember the into selection part.. that's what will do it for you, If you already  know this, just ignor me...ok? LOL

Here is a preview of the template

Here is what I came up with... hope you like it and see how pretty the template is!
If you see the potential, please feel free to download the original template, 1200px by 1200px which of course can be downsized and printed using my instructions in the footer, left.
The link below
the link was wrong before, will fix it in a jif.. hugs Rainy

Download here

The templates come in both psd and pspimage,! Hope you like it and have an awesome day.. hugs Rainy,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Serenity Template 1200px, Always Free

I love creating oriental or Asian "anything" There is something so sweet and calm about it.. Now this one I gave you a lot of help on.. I used my scrap kit, Asian Beauty, of course you can exchange any of the elements for some you like better.. this is just to give you an idea! I really hope you like it... enough to download it..

Here is the preview:

Download is below

This download has both pspimage and psd in it.. of course if you don't want one, just delete it..
have a great day.. hugs Rainy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Template Always free

Hi again, One more for you.. I'm having fun, although making layouts is not my forte'! I see so many cool layouts on the net and in my group, and am so impressed! But I do try lol
With this one I first started to make the layout exactly to the template, but just kept moving stuff around.. adding layers, and liked it a lot better.. you see the template is to get you started, don't be afraid to move and delete.. you can always start over... 

Download link below!

Halloween Template

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Free template for you! Cat Play

This looks actually more like a quick page, but I had one of my kits in mind when I created, and all I basically had to do was insert images.  However you can remove and replace, change the wordart, remove the frames,  use someone else's kit to create your own personal layout and I am sure it will be a knockout! This is just to give you an idea!!  Here is the template:

This is what I did with it.. easy peasy! lol didn't change it much. I hope you like it.. hugs Rainy
The kit I used is Fat Cat it is a cute kit for all you cat lovers and would fit in to this template so nicely! :)

You may download it here, both pspimage and psd!

Hugs Rainy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Let the Dogs Out Template

Hi, I haven't even looked at this page for a couple of years now, I'm really sorry.. but I was blind sighted by creating my scrap kits. But am looking at it now lol.. I Created a new template for you, from with one of my new kits in mind, I sure hope you like it! I think it turned out great.. the sample layout I mean, look below.. you can certainly write to me and let me know what you really think! :) I would love to create a couple more so hand tight, be back in a while! hugs Rainy

You see how simple the layout can be and the actual page can look really nice, just keep layering your layout layout..

Here is a sample layout:

Here are both the pspimage, and the photoshop image